Tono Youth Hostel
We value the warm comfort that you feel when at home, and strive to provide this atmosphere to you.
B&B kuranoya
The Japanese-style guesthouse Kuranoya just opened in Tono on December 2009.
Hotel Aeria Tono
Ryokan Hirasawa-ya
traditional Japanese Inn.
City of Tono
Tono Education and Culture Foundation
For a Future Full of Hope For Lives that Foster Big Dreams For A World Brimming with Imagination A Foundation that Cultivates City Residents
Tono Natural Life Network
The Tono Natural Life Network was established in 2003 and was approved as an NPO in February 2016. Activities are aimed at contributing to the improvement of society’s overall benefit by conducting specific work with Tono in three main fields: “Further interactions with residents making use of resources and promotion of people moving in”; “Passing down, developing and applying traditional culture, entertainment, technology and arts”; and, “Revitalization and practice of cyclical lifestyles in rural and mountain areas.” We have continued to give support to reconstruction activities in the coastal areas of Iwate since 2011.
Iwate Tourism Association
Information Service on Accommodation in Japan
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